Gallery – Before & After

At PM Hair, we love to create dramatic transformations. Whether you are ready for a total makeover or are unhappy with a new cut or color, our skilled stylists and hair color specialists will patiently work with you to achieve the image you have in mind. We strive for perfection and are trained in the latest trends and classic styles.

Many stylists can create great color initially, but not all are able to correct a hair color disaster. Our hair color specialists have extensive experience with hair color correction. Whether over bleached or too black, streaky highlights or flat, brassy or dull, our highly trained hair color professionals work with clients to repair hair color while still protecting the health of your hair.

We offer complimentary hair consultations to get to know you and your style. Show us photos and tell us about your lifestyle. Our goal is to create a fabulous hair style that enhances your beauty in a way that you can maintain and enjoy.